After experiencing a severe injury that ended my hopes of pursuing a professional sports career, I found myself at a crossroads. However, this setback opened up a whole new world of possibilities in the field of PSYCHOLOGY. As I delved into the science behind it, witnessed the profound impact it had on people's lives, and dedicated myself to personal growth, life began to feel more fulfilling than ever before. Everything seemed to fall into place until I made the decision to move to South Korea to be with my husband.

Unexpectedly, soon after our marriage, I found out I was pregnant. This led to a chaotic everyday life, as I had to juggle my personal life, studies, and parenting responsibilities while also adapting to cultural differences and the fast-paced lifestyle of South Korea. These challenges made me lose sight of myself, and I started questioning my purpose and felt a sense of hopelessness. Additionally, my health drastically worsened.

However, after a few years, I discovered the fascinating world of PSYCHOSOMATICS and COACHING. Working with the mind, soul, and body helped me not just exist but truly live. I began to understand the true essence of BEING ALIVE. By living in the present moment, I could fully SEE, HEAR, and FEEL myself and the people around me. The beauty of life revealed itself to me, and those in my field could also feel it every day.

Gone were the days of perceiving life in terms of ups and downs, right and wrong, or black and white. Instead, I embraced the fluidity of life in action and cultivated a deep sense of awareness within myself. This newfound perspective allowed me to appreciate the intricacies of existence and find fulfillment in my experiences.

If YOU FEEL that my story serves as an inspiration to resilience and personal growth, and if you believe that my professionalism can guide and navigate your life towards the one you desire, I invite you to JOIN ME.
CHI Polly
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